TAMRON 17-35MM F/2.8-4 DI OSD Canon

Varenummer: TAMRON-110198
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Travel, landscapes, street photography – even sports! The Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD wide-angle zoom can be used for many different subjects. The lens is full-frame compatible but can also be used on cameras with APS-C size sensors.Fast wide-angle zooms usually become rather heavy and clumsy. But Tamron has managed to keep both size and weight of this lens at a minimum – it's less than a decimeter in length and weighs only 460 grams!Weather seals are used to prevent moisture and dust from entering the inside and the front element has a protective fluorine coating that repels oil, dirt and raindrops and makes it easy to keep clean. The design is also elegant, with a smooth, black casing and silver-colored ring around the mount.Optimized for silenceThe Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 is also equipped with a customized focus motor, OSD (Optimized Silent Drive), that combines high accuracy with fast and quiet operation. Another valuable feature is the short minimum focus, only 28 cm throughout the focal range, which can be used to capture exciting close-ups of details that also includes the surroundings.Inside the lens there are 15 elements arranged in 10 groups. Four elements are made of LD (Low Dispersion) glass, which minimize chromatic aberrations that can occur on ultra-wide-angle lenses. Two aspherical elements are used to ensure maximum sharpness all the way to the edges of the image, even at large apertures.The Tamron 17-35mm f/2.8-4 Di OSD is also compatible with the Tamron Tap-in Console, a small accessory adapter that can be mounted on the bayonet and connected to a computer using a USB cable. Together with Tamron’s special software, you can fine-tune the autofocus and also perform future firmware updates.Important FeaturesLightweight, compact and fast wide-angle zoom lens for full-frameCan also be used with the APS-C formatQuick, quiet and precise focus motor (OSD – Optimized Silent Drive)Weather sealed casing and fluorine coated front lens elementHigh optical quality with 15 lens elements, including 2 aspherical and 4 made of LD glassMinimum focus only 28 cmCompatible with Tamron Tap-in ConsoleStørste blændeåbning2.8-4.0BilledformatFull-Frame, APS-CFokustypeAutofokusFilterstørrelse (cirkulær) (mm)77 mmBilledstabiliseringIngenNærgrænse (cm)28 cmDiameter (mm)83.6 mmFoto / VideoFotoLinseelementer og grupper15/10Objektiv/KamerafatningNikon F, Canon EFBlændelameller7FarveSortLængde (mm)90 mm, 92.5 mmMaksimal forstørrelse (x)1:4.9xMindste blændeåbning16-22Zoomområde (mm)17-35 mmVægt (g)460 g


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